Official announcement: ad 5th congress of Algerian General Medicine & 3rd Maghrebin Congress of General Practice / Family Medical

The Algerian society of General Medicine announces its 5th medical congress and the 3rd Maghrebin Congress of General Practice / Family Medicine to be held on 19 and 20 May 2017 in Oran.The congress is an area of national and international exchanges, rich around all the skills of general medicine with the goal, of course, the essential training for all physicians seeking to improve the care of his patient.

Main Theme :The 12 Professional Skills Recognized for the General Practitioner

  1. Take charge an undifferentiated health problems in primary care
  2. Communicate efficiently with the patient and his entourage
  3. Make a decision in the context of emergency and / or in uncertainly situation : Organize your emergency kit
  4. Run with security the most common tricks in general medicine
  5. Undertake public health actions
  6. Ensure personal training
  7. Educate the patient to the promotion and management of health and management of illness
  8. Evaluate practice
  9. Work as a team and / or network in complex, acute and chronic situations.
  10. Ensure continuity of care,
  11. Apply the regulatory provisions in the respect of ethical values
  12. Ensure administrative management , financial, human and structural medical company



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